Thursday, July 16, 2009

Choking on a red meat message

Thanks for Jill Singer's critique of the latest Meat and Livestock Association advertisement, starring actor Sam Neill.

I have yet to see the new commercials, but I remember the previous Meat and Livestock Association, campaign in which Neill spouted some science linking consumption of red meat to human evolution.

He stood in some library, next to some 'ascent of man' poster, charting the evolution of man from apes to today, found in school text books, as if to say, "Hey, trust me on what I'm saying to you, I played a scientist in Jurassic Park", as he spoke in a tone of voice that reminded me of a university lecturer.

I do eat meat regularly. Yet, this article reminded me of how important it is to be an ethical consumer for the sake of the future of the planet, and my responsibility to check carefully the messages that advertisers convey to us.