Thursday, August 13, 2009

Road rage becoming more common?

I am not surprised by the findings in the survey done by insurer AAMI, that indicate road rage is becoming more common.

My own experiences of road rage include; often being tailgated while at the speed limit on freeways, in suburban streets with 50 km/h speed limits, being cut off when entering roundabouts or roads with slip lanes, as well as being the recipient of various rude gestures from other drivers when in shopping centre car parks.

Looking for answers as to why road rage is increasing, it could be that road courtesy is disappearing as driver impatience grows.

Without wanting to sound too self righteous, it seems that this is a trend across society as a whole, since it is clear that aggressive behaviours and language are not confined only to driving.

One suspects many in our community are finding life stressful at the moment, and that some are choosing to vent their feelings of frustration while they are in their cars.

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  1. This isn't very gracious, but it's good advice. When driving, assume that other drivers will do the wrong thing, and you'll be safe.