Monday, January 1, 2018

Thoughts about the entertainment industry....

Regarding Cameron Adams' roundup of Winners and Losers of Music in HIT TV, and the mention of Margaret Court Arena in the 'Losers' section. Adams was critical of Margaret Court for her views on same sex marriage. She expressed these eight months ago, She got treated very harshly by many media outlets. Adams mentioned the backlash against her from various performers. He wrote that it won't stop until the name of Margaret Court Arena is changed. Does he need reminding that Margaret Court Arena is named in honour of Court's achievements as a tennis player? Furthermore, Court is not the only one to hold such opinions. Others may disagree with Margaret Court, but still defend her right to have an opinion. A glance at comments left on video sharing sites shows this. If anything, all this article did, was to highlight the left wing bias of many media professionals, and some in the music industry. They talk a lot about 'tolerance and acceptance' but will treat those they disagree with, very harshly.

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